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Docked: South Yemom

Docked: South Yemom is A Open-World, Action, Adventure and Shooter Game with
Big Missions, Heists and a Massive Multiplayer. Become a Millionaire, Be the Best Criminal of the City,
or the Best Cop the City every has. You've the choice to choose the side.

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TrueCompany® Community

TrueCompany® (before True Games) has an really big Gaming Community on Twitch, YouTube and Hitbox. We are helping streamers, youtubers and other people to get the best content online, and we work together as a Big Family.

TrueCompany® Dev

We work with small studios worldwide to get the best out of our games. We are developing games together, to create a much stronger relation between the studios and get the best content in the game with the best results. We believe, when you work together, you can make the differents.

TrueCompany® Championship

Once a Year we present the TrueCompany® Championship. This is a special event where we do matches of Call of Duty, Rocket League and other games to bring gamers, developers and others together.


The TrueStore™ is a Professional Store where we sell Gaming Consoles and Gaming Computers by TrueCompany®. The hole system is created by TrueCompany® in association with other hardware companies to create a strong, quality and price worthy product. Many people are happy to use our products and are so excited about it that they've created many stories about it and love to share there love.

Docked: South Yemom

Till the Beta is Done

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